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We create concepts and designs that are not only good looking but also communicate your brand and objectives well to your target audience.

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In advertising, designs have purpose - to sell your products, services or both. They also have the responsibility to accurately represent your brand like logo design. At MTLB, we understand this well, and create designs, that are both attractive and effective.

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Who We are?

We’re not a big advertising agency, nor a small one. We’re a close knitted team of consultants, who understand the realms of marketing, love research as much as creativity and are committed to executing result-driven solutions.

We boast of a spirited, young and passionate team of people who bring together their expertise and experience in varied fields of marketing including design, content, technology, strategy, research, analytics, sales, management and clients relationships.

What We do?

As an idea-driven creative boutique, we believe in thinking well before picking up our designing kits.

Our ideas are crisp & fresh and execution, impeccable. Our team of designers is young and eager to experiment with graphics, materials, surfaces and communications, and thus is forever bubbling with awesome design creations! While we love exploring distinctive creations, we also understand the importance of keeping communication designs focused and result-driven, be it print, digital or integrated.

Your Success is our Business

Are you are looking for someone to drive your digital campaigns?

Creativity Unbound

Designing is a passion that feeds on novelty. At MTLB, our designs are backed by experimentation, creative indulgence and market research.

SOur Services

Integrated Solutions

As consultants, we believe in offering wide variety of graphic design services be it design, copy, print, publishing, photography and or any other production.

Print & Outdoor

We plan and develop newspaper and magazine ad campaigns, hoardings and outdoor branding designs according to your specific requirements, and effectively communicate your brand to your target audience.

Marketing Collaterals

We develop an array of marketing collaterals including but not limited to brochures, catalogues, leaflets, POS material and product packaging; tailored to your individual requirements.

Innovative Media

Beyond traditional media, we also plan and execute situational, outdoors or location specific ideas and communication collaterals for brands and organisations, to serve individual objectives. These may range from unique use of media to uncommon locale designs, depending on client objective and budgets.

Content & Script

We create content for various communication collaterals including brochures, newsletters, feature articles, advertorials, blogs, websites and the like. We also have a team of experienced scriptwriters who develop scripts for TVCs, YouTube videos, corporate films, short films, etc. and provide assistance in the production of the same.


Our brand design specialists identify your brand’s personality and give it a unique identity. Our services include logo design, business card design and complete office stationary development, office / detail space branding, surface and merchandise branding and corporate gifts.

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12 October
Hiring Professionals
MTLB 3 comments

With easy access to DM tools online, you may have the freedom to err and learn, but are the lost time, money and recourses worth it? Instead, why not brief a professional team who will be expertly able to gauge your current digital status and requirements and make the right changes in the online strategy (or create a new one, if need be) to secure tangible results and improve performance considerably.

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14 October
Data Driven Digital Consulting

An eCommerce portal that was performing poorly, with an acquisition of 235 clients only, making meagre revenues of INR 16,79,640 between January 2014 and 2015. The portal was losing out sales to competition. How MTLB help the client Analyse Interpret and move forward with the data in hand.

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10 September
Client Speak
MTLB 13 comments

Fortis is one of our dearest clients. They are open to ideas and trust us with their brand positioning and communication. Every brief from Fortis is a new opportunity for us to experiment, learn and grow as a creative and strategic team. The brand has reaped sweet results, which has further encourages us to perform better!

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MTLB will ensure you reach your customers not just physically but through a well-maintained website presence. We ensure our clients get the best for ever penny spent.


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